Saturday, January 28, 2012

Awesome Autographs: Super MVP's Auto'd Mini Helmets

In honor of the Super Bowl, I've decided to showcase the autographed mini-helmets I have of Past Super Bowl MVP's. Here they are!

Bart Starr (Super Bowl MVP I & II)
Definitely cool cause it's inscribed MVP Super Bowl I and II

Joe Namath (Super Bowl III MVP)

Chuck Howley (Super Bowl V MVP)
Of course one of my favorites cause Howley was Cowboys Super Bowl MVP (even though they lost the game to the Colts, Howley is the only player to win Super Bowl MVP as a member of the losing team). This one also has a SB MVP inscription

Roger Staubach (Super Bowl VI MVP)
Staubach inscribed this both Super Bowl MVP and HOF 85

Terry Bradshaw (Super Bowl XIII and XIV MVP)
Inscribed Super Bowl MVP XIII-XIV

Marcus Allen (Super Bowl XVIII MVP)
Inscribed Super Bowl XVIII MVP

Joe Montana (Super Bowl XVI, XIX, and XXIV MVP) and Jerry Rice (XXIII MVP)

Troy Aikman (Super Bowl XXVII MVP)
This is actually a multi signed helmet with not only Aikman, but Michael Irvin, Jay Novacek, Deion Sanders, Daryl Johnston, and Mark Stepnoski

Emmitt Smith (XXVIII MVP)

John Elway (XXXIII MVP)
Kurt Warner (Super Bowl XXXIV MVP)
Inscribed Super Bowl 34 and 99 NFL MVP

Ray Lewis (Super Bowl XXXV MVP)

Peyton Manning (Super Bowl XLI MVP)

Drew Brees (Super Bowl XLIV MVP)


  1. Very cool. Thanks for showing them off!

  2. Wow... do you have these displayed? If so... you mancave must be awesome! But what the heck... where's the Rodgers?

  3. Yeah I have shelf of these displayed, and the Cowboys helmets are in the Cowboy room that we have in our house. Yeah Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, just a couple auto's that still elude me. I'll get em some day!

  4. Just giving you a hard time... this collection is pretty crazy.

    I'll be lucky if I get just an Aaron Rodgers for my collection. If I hit the lottery... maybe I'll grab a Starr and a Howard too.

  5. It was funny, cause this was a spur of the moment post, I was going to do a post about my auto mini-helmet collection, but noticed I had quite a few that were Super Bowl MVP's so I thought eh why not go with it,lol.