Friday, July 12, 2013

Awesome Autographs: Peyton Manning Autographed Denver Broncos Mini-Helmet

The newest addition to my signed mini helmet collection. This is a Steiner Certified Autographed Broncos Mini Helmet of Peyton Manning. I love the look of the Broncos Helmet, so this was no a brainer for me to pick up. I'm selling my Peyton Manning SP Authentic Sign of the Times card to help offset the costs of this but it's well worth the trade off. I prefer memorabilia that you can display anyway!


  1. Nice addition to your collection. I'm a huge fan of Steiner products, but they're often way overpriced. I'm always checking out their email sales to look for their bargain deals... which end up being "close to market" prices. But I'd rather have a Steiner COA over a PSA or JSA any day of the week.

  2. Yeah I actually got this off Ebay luckily so it was about half of Stiener's price. I've only bought one item directly from them, besides that I usually go the Ebay route