Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Game Used Greatness: Kevin Garnett 11-12 Alternate Road Jersey

I actually own a KG Gamer. It's this one here.
However, I decided to Upgrade with a Celtics gamer, so I'm currently selling this one to fund my newest acquisition. KG is a sure fire Hall of Famer and in the debate when it comes to Best Power Forward of All Time. I really like the green alternates the Celtics use and couldn't resist. Though it'll be tough to part with my T-Wolves gamer, I feel it's worth the trade off. Certified by Meigray, KG wore this Celtics gamer on January 16th, 2012 against the Thunder. He had 12 points, 5 assists, and 12 boards in 31 minutes of action. That's what I like about Meigray, they are game specific so you know exactly when and where he wore the jersey. Here are some more pics of this amazing jersey!

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