Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Favorite 150 Items in My Collection-#142 99-00 Mattel NBA Superstars Vince Carter FP

Why I Like It: Vinsanity took over the hobby in the late 90's/early 2000s and everything of Vince Carter was scorching hot. This piece brings me back to the time where EVERYTHING Vince Carter was high in demand. In the sports figures world, Hasbro had bowed out of the NBA market in 1998, opening up the chance for Mattel to come in with their own line of sports collectible figures. This piece was one the most coveted of the time. Vince Carter's rookie piece was in high demand and was a very difficult figure to find. I waited until after not only Vinsanity subsided but interest in the Mattel Line of figures waned to finally add this piece to my collection. Vinsanity was probably the most fun I ever had in the hobby, and this brings back so many fun and awesome memories.

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  1. Great figure. I should probably add one of these to the collection now that they're a lot more affordable. It's been a few years since he was dropping 25 on a regular basis, but it amazes me that he still contributes off of the bench after all of these years.