Saturday, January 5, 2019

1st Break Of The New Year: 3 Boxes of 18-19 Contenders Basketball

Well, it's a New Year, so time for a fresh start when it comes to Top Pulls! Considering that my top 3 pulls were of cards that I sold for $1400, $1600, and $4800..I SERIOUSLY doubt I'll be able to top last year, but it'll be fun trying! I'll be keeping my traditional Top 5 Pulls running throughout the year and it starts today with a 3 Box Break of Contenders Basketball

So obviously the big chase here is Luka Doncic, who's stuff is just INSANELY hot right now. Pull a Luka Base On Card here and you're looking at a $600-$700 card. Pull a numbered auto and oh got a monster! There's some other solid rookies as well, but Luka is the main draw. I ended the year with two Luka auto pulls, will I start the year with one? Let's find out!

Hall Of Fame Contenders Vince Carter
Draymond Green

Playing The Numbers Game
Nikola Jokic
Anthony Davis
Andre Drummond

Lottery Ticket

Mikal Bridges
Mo Bamba
Marvin Bagley III

Front Row Seat

Dennis Smith Jr.
Damian Lillard

Winning Tickets
Tim Duncan
Scottie Pippen
Kyrie Irving
Draymond Green

Winning Tickets Cracked Ice

Alonzo Mourning (#12/25)

Most Valuable Contenders
Stephen Curry
Anthony Davis
Joel Embiid

Premium Parallel
Jimmy Butler
Kyle Korver
LaMarcus Aldridge
Ben Simmons
Dennis Smith Jr.
Zach Randolph

Playoff Ticket
Zach Randolph (#176/199)
Hassan Whiteside (#53/199)
Kristaps Porzingis

Conference Finals Tickets
Marc Gasol (#15/135)
Jusuf Nurkic (#9/135)

The Finals Ticket

DeMarcus Cousins (#69/99)

Rookie Season Ticket Autos

Collin Sexton
Jacob Evans III Redemption

Rookie Season Ticket Autos Premium
Khryi Thomas

The Finals Ticket Rookie Autos
Mickal Bridges (#31/49)
Zhaire Smith (#6/49)

Up And Coming
Jarred Vanderbilt (#171/199)

Well..that was straight up awful. Not even $100 worth of cards. The Sexton is ok, the rest suck. What a wonderful way to start the New Year.


Top 5 Pulls of 2019
#1 Mikal Bridges The Finals Rookie Ticket Auto (#31/49)
#2 Collin Sexton Rookie Ticket Auto
#3 Zhaire Smith The Finals Rookie Ticket Auto (#6/49)
#4 Jacob Evans III Rookie Ticket Auto Redemption
#5 Khyri Thomas Rookie Ticket Premium Auto

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  1. The good news is there is plenty of time left in 2019 to pull some amazing hits! Best of luck!