Saturday, April 28, 2012

Damn I'm Gonna Miss These Cards

It's all about sacrificing for what you really want and since I'm trying to acquire what would be the holy grail of my entire collection (an MJ Game Used Jersey) I know I just can't plunk down thousands of dollars to get it. So every week I've been slowly but surely selling off a lot of my card collection. It means getting rid of some real gems. It's tough...really tough, but hey you do what you gotta do. If anyone's interested in these or any other cards I have up for auction here's the link

My Auctions

Auctions end on Sunday. Here are some of the higher profile cards that I will miss being part of my collection.

02-03 SPX Winning Combos Kobe Bryant/Wilt Chamberlain
My first Wilt game used card, it's hard to give this baby up, but I have another dual Kobe/Wilt that I plan on keeping plus I have a Wilt Dual Patch.

2003 Topps Tribute Babe Ruth Game Used Bat
This actually made my Top 100 list, and I never thought I'd see the day I would sell it, but with 5 total Babe Ruth Game Used Memorabilia cards, I think I can afford to let this one go.

2003 Topps Tribute Ty Cobb Game Used Bat
Another hard one to get rid of, but I'll still have his autographed check and a game used pants card.

2003 Legendary Lumberjacks Lou Gehrig Game Used Bat
Again tough to get rid of Gehrig memorabilia cards, but I still have a jersey card and two pants cards.

2001 Upper Deck Pinstripes Exclusives Joe Dimaggio Bat Card
Ugh, yup getting rid of this too! Sooooo many hall of fame memorabilia cars! I have to keep telling myself it's for the greater good. Still have two jersey cards of Joltin Joe.

2001 Upper Deck 1971 All Star Game Salute Roberto Clemente
Having another jersey card of Clemente takes the sting out a little..very little, lol.

02-03 UD Generations All Time Authentics Bob Cousy Game Used Shorts
I think this card is severely underrated because I believe it's the only Cousy Game Used Card out there. I was torn on this one big time, but decided to go ahead and put it out there.

2001 Playoff Honors Alma Mater Materials Earl Campbell Game Worn Jersey
An early issue memorabilia card of Earl Campbell? And it happens to have a swatch of a college game used jersey?! Yes and yes, definitely a card I will miss.

These are the cards that stand out this week. Every week I'll post some other goodies that have to go. The journey to MJ continues!

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  1. I'll bid on the Wilt/Kobe dual... that card is sweet!