Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Memories: My favorite Easter Story

Hope everyone has a great Easter today! I figure I'd re-post my favorite Easter Story that involves Sports Cards. It involves this card right here

I will never forget Easter Sunday 2000. Not only did I have a great time at my grandma's with all my family but that night I got the best Easter gift I could ever get. As an only child, I was indeed a little spoiled so I got a little something for each holiday. For Easter, I received 3 packs of 99-00 Fleer Metal and 2 packs of 99-00 UD Encore. I never expected anything huge, just to add some cool cards, maybe pull a Steve Francis rookie or a cool Vince Carter insert. Remember, this was right in the MIDDLE of Vinsanity. Everything and anything of Vince was INSANELY in demand, as Vince was having just an unbelievable sophomore season including the unforgettable 2000 Slam Dunk Contest which is probably still regarded as the best dunk contest of all time. Anyways, that night I started ripping the packs, and didn't get anything too exciting out of the first two packs. If I recall the best thing I pulled was an Antonio McDyess Heavy Metal insert. The 3rd pack though..the 3rd pack was magical. It's like it was yesterday that it happened. First card off the bat was a Vince Carter base card, followed by another base and then followed by what was the time the MOTHER LODE of all pulls. An actual VINCE CARTER GAME USED CARD. My reaction was priceless, I screamed like I was dying and ran around the house just full of so much joy and happiness. I had never in a million years dreamed I would pull a card like this! It trumped my friend Kenny's Terrell Davis Jersey Card and for once I was the one with the jealous friends! It's funny cause even then, this was just a warm up card, not

even a jersey, but this card booked at $400 when it first hit Beckett. I didn't want to tell me my mom because I was afraid she would make me sell the cornerstone of my collection! I took the card to the local card shop where my parents bought the packs and they congratulated me and showed me what they had just pulled a Michael Jordan Auto Game Jersey numbered to 23!! Between those two pulls, it looked like the Dugout was on a little bit of a hot streak! Though Vince Carter and this card have cooled off considerably since then, I still love early era memorabilia cards and I love how big the warm up swatch
is on this card. Also, as you can see on the back, I always like Fleer (and
Donruss as well) showing a picture of the actual memorabilia they used for
the card itself. The card may only book around $20 bucks now, but the memories will be forever priceless. (Oh and btw, the Encore packs were afterthoughts, I forgot about them in the excitement, I opened them later on that night, and the best card I pulled was a Ray Allen Electric Currents insert, not enough to take my attention away from the Vince,lol).

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Vinsanity was one of the reasons I jumped back into the hobby. What an awesome card... I remember pulling a Vince Carter card with a piece of warn Army fatigues and getting totally stoked. LOL... these days, the card is pretty silly, but back in the day, it was instant money.