Saturday, August 25, 2012

What Was I Thinking?!?!-Baseball Starting LIneup Edition

After finishing my series on SLU's I reflected back on all the lineups I bought throughout the years and remembered the good ones.....and the bad ones as well. This post will showcase what I believe are the 5 WORST lineups I ever bought in Baseball. Yes I paid full retail for these babies...brace yourself

#5-1999 Ben Grieve Extended 
I worte about this and J.D. Drew piece earlier in one of my SLU Blog posts, but seriously in the middle of a HURRICANE, I went to HEB to BUY THIS FIGURE (Along with J.D. Drew). Ben Grieve, you will live in infamy.

#4-1999 Jaret Wright Extended
Remember when Hasbro made a Jaret Wright SLU 2 seasons too late? Remember when I bought it anyway??? Yet another infamous HEB find (this time in Flour Bluff, which is a good 20-25 minutes away from my house).

#3-1998 Tony Womack Extended
In 1998 I asked myself one question....who the HELL is Tony Womack and why did they make a figure of him. Well he's in a cool sliding pose so he must good thus I'll buy him. Womack wasn't THAT bad of a player, but he's one of those sit on the shelfs at Wal Mart type guys, yet I STILL bought it. Had I waited, I could have bought it on clearance. I wouldn't be surprised if Wal Mart just threw out the remaining pieces, hell they got one sucker to buy one, and that was good enough!

#2-1998 Hideki Irabu Extended
Maybe it's those little stickers, but man I got hammered on Extended Series pieces, all 4 so far have been Extended Series. I bought into the Irabu hype and thought he'd be the next Nomo like ace for the Yankees. He never really panned out unfortunately and in a sad turn of events, he committed suicide last year.

#1-1997 Ismael Valdes
WHO???? (Yet I bought it anyway)


  1. Ah naw, they have been long gone from my collection.

  2. Great post. I bought a few Grieves myself. I actually want an Irabu... hopefully I'll stroll across one at the flea market one of these days.

  3. I know a shop in PA that has every wall lined with these and McFarlanes and non-sport figures. Email me at QAPALGCA at yahoo and I can check for your critical wants one weekend.