Friday, August 10, 2012

What Was I Thinking?!?!-Football Starting Lineup Edition

After finishing my series on SLU's I reflected back on all the lineups I bought throughout the years and remembered the good ones.....and the bad ones as well. This post will showcase what I believe are the 5 WORST lineups I ever bought in Football. Yes I paid full retail for these babies...brace yourself

#5-1996 Rashaan Salaam (FP)
At first you would think you could cut me some slack because this is his rookie piece and he had a terrific rookie season (1,000 yards rushing, 10 TD's), but I remember buying this  2 YEARS after its release at an Albertsons in San Antonio. Why??? NO CLUE, cause I'd never seen it? Salaam was basically done by this point and was irrelevant in the NFL yet I plunked the 7 bucks (or 8, don't remember the retail price at Albertsons) and hung it on my wall "proudly" (At least I didn't pay full price for his Heisman piece, though it does have the cool mini Heisman replica trophy).

#4 1998 Raymont Harris (FP)
I Spent 7 bucks on a Raymont Harris toy...yes I did. Again, I'm not gonna pretend that I knew he had a 1,000 yard rushing season the previous year for the you guess it BEARS...for some reason I convinced myself that this was a short print and boom into the collection it was. I believe I was a little off on that assumption. At least I was able to use this situation as a fantasy football team name last season (I named my team RuggedRaymontHarris). To this day my friend brings up the fact that I had this hanging in my wall.

#3 1999 Football Ryan Leaf
OK, everyone knows the Leaf Story and yes in 1998 it was entirely conceivable to buy anything Leaf, even his 98 rookie SLU. But the writing was already on the wall and still went ahead and bought his 2ND PIECE...that's right a figure that's even worse than a Ryan Leaf Rookie Piece...I guess I still believed.

#2-1998 Football Adrian Murrell
I like the Jets uniforms....seriously that was my reasoning here. Murrell was in the right place at the right time. A mediocre running back who had one decent season (which is all you need to be immortalized in toy form) and ironically finished his career with my Dallas Cowboys. I love those Jets Unis and Murrell was the one guy I could find at the store. Worst reasoning everrrrrr to buy a SLU.

#1-1998 Bobby Hoying
There are soooooooooooo many reasons this is #1. First of all did the 98 series kick my ass or what??? 3 out of the 5 are from this series. Hoying was HORRIBLE. He threw 11 TD passes in 97 and that was IT....period. Never threw another TD pass in his career. When I bought this I NEVER EVEN REALLY HEARD OF HIM. On top of that HE PLAYS FOR THE EAGLES!!! OUR HATED RIVAL!! I bought a shitty ass Eagle for full price to hang up in my room. I don't even have a reason, bad or not, as to why I did this. Why did Hasbro come out with a BOBBY HOYING SLU? Cause they knew one sick-o would buy it.....pleasure to meet you.


  1. Wow... great post. I never thought of posting a "worst 5". That's awesome.

    You have some great ones too. Raymont Harris? Bobby Hoying? Classics indeed.

    I wondering if these will be worth something one day... since no doubt most collectors & stores dumped these guys into the garbage. Seriously... how many gem mint condition Bobby Hoying SLU pieces remain?

    I guess there's the guy who invested in him and purchased 10,000 of his figures back in 1998... then fell into a coma and has these sitting in his garage. When he wakes up, he could be sitting on an eventual goldmine. ;-)

    Okay... I'm off to read your other SLU posts. I've been away from reading everyone's blog posts... so now that the contest is over, I can get back into the swing of things.

  2. Hahah, yeah I figured it would be fun to remember the bad purchases along with the good ones and boy did I have some bad ones. I'll be doing this per sport and then follow up doing my favorite SLU's that I have left in my collection

  3. We all have a few of those "bad purchases"... lol. Looking forward to reading those other SLU posts.

  4. Yikes! I don't even remember Harris. Looking forward to the future posts.