Monday, December 17, 2012

And That's The Bottom Line Cause Stone Cold Said So!

As you know if you read my blog I'm a HUGE wrestling fan, have been since I was a little kid. There was no bigger star in the late 90's than Stone Cold Steve Austin. Who would've though that the guy formerly known as WCW midcarder "Stunning" Steve Austin would become a beer drinking, middle finger flipping, swearing bad ass who would revolutionize wrestling and become one of most iconic wrestlers in WWF history. This is an autographed photo/canvas piece commemorating Austin's first WWF Championship at Wrestlemania XV. It not only contains a nice bold Stone Cold Autograph it has a piece of the canvas used that night in Philadelphia, PA. It comes from the WWE and has a COA from the WWE.  Here are some more pics!


  1. Fantastic! I remember the Attitude era. It was great, because on Monday night's, you could watch Raw, and then catch the replay of Nitro right after it. I still like today's product, but I don't think it will ever match the popularity that it had during the late 90s.

    I just saw the WWE documentary about Austin. It was quite compelling and gave you some great insight into just how hard he had to push himself to get to where he was and remain on top.

  2. Yeah I have the Stone Cold Documentary, very awesome stuff. I just bought the CM Punk Documentary about a month ago too, and that one is awesome. I still watch every Monday Night, but you're right the Monday Night Wars were so awesome and epic because competition brought out the best in both companies. I miss those days

  3. Awesome! That is one sweet Stone Cold piece of memorabilia. I remember my students loved him... but I stayed loyal to The Rock and his awesome one liners: Know your role & shut your mouth! Millions... and millions of The Rock fans. It doesn't matter! Who is this roody poo? Check yourself into the smack down hotel! If ya smell... what The Rock is cookin'!