Friday, March 15, 2013

I Just Could'nt Help Myself: 03-04 SP Authentic LeBron James Auto'd RC

Remember the whole I'm totally done with  cards spiel? Well, this is more of an exception to the rule, but nonetheless I've added my first PC card in well over a year. I guess it's Lebron Week as this the 2nd item I've gotten of his over the week. I wanted a high end Lebron Rookie Card and I got one! This is his 03-04 SP Authentic Autographed Rookie Card. I remember buying a box of this when it first came out hoping to pull this dream card. Instead I pulled a James Lang Autographed Rookie (ugh).  Depending on who you ask this is Lebron's 3rd or 4th best rookie, as it's in the area of his SPX. I prefer this one because it's an on card autograph and numbered to only 500 while this SPX is 750. Any of them are awesome, but I'm more than satisfied with the choice I made. Ok, now I'm officially done with cards....or am I????

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