Friday, March 1, 2013

Sentimental Favorites: 1974 Topps Lem Barney

It's been a long while since I've posted card related posts due to the fact well..I pretty much sold off my collection. I wanted to get back what this blog was about Sports Cards and Memories, and I thought what better way than the create a series of some of my most sentimental  cards that I have/had in my collection. They might not be autographed or numbered to 1, but these cards have stories and memories that last a life time. I'll start with this 1974 Topps Lem Barney. It's the 1st vintage card I ever bought. Back when I first started collecting when I was around 6, card shops ruled the hobby and even in our small town of Calallen we had 3 card shops operating. My favorite was Pop's Cards and Comics. I'd go in there and buy packs of 90-91 Hoops for .50. This card caught my eye in one of the discount bins. I had no clue who Lem Barney was, no idea he was a hall of famer. All my little kid mind knew was old=VALUABLE. This car has to be worth 100 bajillion dollars cause it's so old! So when I found it cost a quarter, I happily paid it and my first vintage card was in my collection. Now of course the corners are bad, but I didn't care ,it was old! I sold a lot of stuff over the past couple of years, this 74 Barney though, isn't one of them. It still resides in what's left of my collection.

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