Monday, April 8, 2013

Game Used Greatness: James Harden 12-13 Event Worn Sears Shooting Stars Jersey

I LOVE NBA All Star Weekend. Sure the dunk contest is watered down, but overall it's fun weekend from the Rookie Challenge game to the 3 pt contest and everything in between, the NBA knows how to make it an event. I was able to win a couple things from Meigray's Annual All Star Auction. The first, is this sweet James Harden Shooting Stars Jersey. Harden's been a beast this season, and this is a more affordable alternative to a game worn jersey. The only thing about the jersey is that Harden wore the jersey underneath his shooting shirt, so it wasn't visible during the competition. I think that's the reason it (along with the others like Chris Bosh and Russell Westbrook) went lower than expected. I confirmed with Barry Meisel of Meigray and he did say Harden wore the jersey. Good enough for me. Here are some additional pics!

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