Friday, May 17, 2013

Game Used Greatness: Prince Fielder 2013 Game Used Jackie Robinson Day Jersey

Every year, Baseball commemorates Jackie Robinson Day by each team wearing special jerseys with Jackie's #42. It's a cool tribute to the most influential baseball player of all time. I used to own a Rajai Davis Game Used Jersey from Jackie Robinson Day, but I sold it earlier this year. I think it's safe to say Prince Fielder is a little bit of an upgrade from Rajai Davis! I won this last Sunday off MLB Auctions, and it was worn this year on April 16th. Prince didn't have a good game at all (0-5), but I don't really care. He wore it, that's all I care about! It immediately becomes my best baseball game used jersey in my collection. It goes great with the autograph game used bat I have of Prince as well. Here are some additional pics!


  1. Awesome bro! Are you going to open up a museum or what? Do you have any game-used Padres or A's jerseys?

  2. Hahha, thanks Fuji, I had a Rajai Davis A's Jackie Robinson Jersey, but sold it earlier this year to fund another purchase.

  3. Great jersey. If you ever get cold you could use it as a blanket. ;)

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