Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sentimental Favorites: 99-00 Upper Deck MVP Kevin Garnett Game Used Souvenirs

The Grant Hill Feel The Game Jersey Card was my 1st Jersey Card, The Steve Young Ovation a Piece of History Football was my first pack pulled memorabilia card, but my first ever memorabilia card was this card right here. Today it's hard to get excited about a card that just has a piece of a game used basketball. I mean, who knows if KG even touched, but this card was very awesome back in 1999. These were pretty tough pulls out of 99-00 MVP and I found this at a card show and yes I believe I paid $40 for it. I was in amazement that I finally owned a card directly linked to game used in a professional game. It would be the beginning for me, of my game used craze. It was also a time when game used wasn't so overproduced that cards like this WERE special. It all started for me with this card and though most of my other patches, jerseys have been sold off, this card remains in my collection today.

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  1. The GU Glory Years. I was right there with you. I remember paying top dollar for jersey cards back in the late 90's. Oh, how times have changed.