Thursday, June 13, 2013

Today's SLU Pickup: 96 Grant Hill Extended Series

I remember being STOKED that Basketball was going to have an extended series in 1996. Extended series had always been in staple in baseball releases but for some reason never branched out to other sports. Until 1996 that is, when Basketball was rewarded a 2nd series. The checklist was awesome, First Pieces of Kobe and Iverson were the main chases but I always love the 96 series because of their inclusion of players in their throwback uniforms. Larry Johnson was featured in a throwback Knicks jersey, Damon Stoudemire in a Toronto Huskies jersey, Shaq in the awesome Powder Blue Lakers Jersey and this piece right here, Grant Hill in a throwback Ft. Wayne Pistons jersey.

Grant Rockin' the Throwback Jersey. Always a favorite of mine

In 1996 Grant Hill was STILL a HUGE DEAL, so this was a popular piece and it's one I never owned during my original run of collecting. I was browsing Ebay Saturday and found this and decided to throw a bid on it hoping I could get it on the cheap. Final price? $2.50 with free shipping. How can you beat that on Ebay! Figure is in great shape and I'm really having fun searching Ebay for bargains like this!

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