Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Favorite 150 Items in My Collection-#123 1999 Starting Lineup Randy Moss FP


Why I like it:  It was one of the most anticipated figures I had waited for. I was disappointed he wasn't in the 98 extended set, but knew there was no way Hasbro would exclude him from the 99 set. I knew I had zero shot at it retail level (though I did score the Classic Double with Cris Carter as I bought the set through JC Penney of all places). Finally at a card show I found it for $15 and gladly paid the price. The Moss Rookie Piece was MINE!!! It's the only non Cowboy football piece I kept from my original collection.


  1. I remember this piece. It was super hot and super pricey. Gotta see if I have one in my PC.

  2. Yeah I was legit shocked a dealer at our card show had these for $15 a piece. It wasn't even that old of a piece at the time