Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Box Break: 2016 Panini Prizm Football

 photo 20161101_193852_zpsrnvm0lgz.jpg 
I don't break much Football, but can't help myself with Prizm. It literally might be the only product, outside of that Donruss break, that I break 2016. I only decided to try one box this time. Here's what I got

Best Base Rookies were of Will Fuller and Derrick Henry

Rookie Introductions

Devontae Booker

Rising Stars
Doug Martin

Decade of Dominance
Brett Favre

Draft Gems
Devonta Freeman

Veteran Silver Prizms

Tevin Coleman
Allen Hurns
Ted Ginn Jr
Steve Smith Sr
Chris Johnson
Richard Sherman

Orange Prizms
Mike Wallace (#290/299)
Julio Jones (#208/299)
David Morgan (#26/299)
Joe Namath (#95/299)

Blue Prizms
Ted Ginn Jr (#172/199)
Derek Watt (#69/199)

Light Blue Wave Prizms
Cole Beasley (#146/199)
David Morgan (#90/149)

Red Crystal Prizms
Larry Donnell (#25/75)
Kelvin Taylor (#22/75)

Light Blue Wave Prizm Autographs
Christian Hackenberg (#63/149)
Seth DeValve (#84/149)
Jeff Driskel (#126/149)


Card Design- I'm a fan of this year's design. I think it looks real nice as do the typical parallels. Unfortunately that's the only good thing I'm going to say about this.


Collation- Yet's a problem albeit minor. C'mon Panini, it's a pretty huge base set, did two of my numbered parallels really have to be of some no name rookie (David Morgan)??? And did I really have to get a Blue Prizm and Silver Prizm parallel of Ted Ginn? It's funny how it's never GOOD I don't pull two parallels of Tom Brady or Adrian Peterson. It's just SO FRUSTRATING.

Overall Value- Look I get go into box breaks KNOWING you're probably going to lose your ass. Value doesn't always have to be about SELL VALUE though. I'm talking about just opening a box and getting some star players and even if they don't sell well (which honestly, none of them do outside of the super limited parallels) you can at least be satisfied that you pulled some superstar cards. I get the autographs are going to mostly miss (because it's comprised of mainly scrub rookies who are either out of the league already or on practice squads) but can you really not I dunno throw a couple more superstar parallels our way..I mean SOMETHING to make the box break not seem brutal? Even my inserts are mediocre (Doug Martin, Devonta Freeman). But look at my 10 parallels...outside of Julio and Joe Namath orange..they are basically garbage. Panini can't even throw me a bone with the base rookies! You get 2 a pack so 24 per box, it's a 100 card rookie set but's my thing..SOMETHING should be worthwhile per box...either good autos when the rookies and inserts suck....good rookies when the autos and inserts suck...or good parallels when the rookies and insert sucks. My best base rookies were Will Fuller and Derrick Henry. No Dak, No Zeke, No Goff, No Wentz. The autos were god awful. All in all just an unfun brutal break. I know Panini can't control the secondary market...but c'mon...they should make at least a half ass effort to make these boxes not seem like a total burning of cash. When you pay $110 per box for this stuff, it sucks feeling like you literally just throw that money away. 

Overall Thoughts: Football is probably the worst sport to break product of. There few and far stars, the checklists are way too big (especially the rookies and rookie autographs) and it just seems like the hardest sport to pull anything of decent value. If you like Prizm, it's probably best to go after singles because boxes like these will definitely piss you the hell off. I don't recommend these at their current price.

Pics of some of the Cards

 photo 20161101_194226_zpsyfqopork.jpg 
 photo 20161101_194350_zpsvee9pjr9.jpg 
 photo 20161101_194435_zpsic6wlxbv.jpg 
 photo 20161101_194909_zpsifomr210.jpg 
 photo 20161101_195340_zpsm5udxk4m.jpg 
 photo 20161101_195416_zps519x6bow.jpg 
 photo 20161101_200303_zps0x7nmbjx.jpg 
 photo 20161101_200341_zps2g6qzii9.jpg 
 photo 20161101_201020_zpsk3hf5egw.jpg 

 photo 20161101_201546_zpsslkfiniz.jpg 
 photo 20161101_202426_zpszf9fy9r0.jpg 
 photo 20161101_202858_zps3eogwq3n.jpg 
 photo 20161101_203444_zps752gijkx.jpg 
 photo 20161101_204021_zpsp5hu89kz.jpg 

Top 5 Pulls of 2016
#1- 2016 Topps Tribute Superfractor Autograph Alex Gordon (#1/1)
#2- 2015-16 Panini Prizms Rookie Signatures Silver Prizms Kristaps Porzingis (#25/25)
#3- 2016 Topps Tribute Milestone Relic Game Used Ball Kris Bryant (#5/10)
#4-2016 Donruss Signature Marks Gold Terry Bradshaw (#1/5)
   #5-15-16 Limited Gold Spotlight Dual Signatures Kristaps  Porzingis/Jerian  Grant (#8/10) 



  1. Breaks like this are why Blowout now has 2013 Prizm Football boxes on sale for $21 each.

  2. And even at $21...this would've been that great lol. Like I said, I don't open boxes and get upset that every box doesn't give me ultra valuable cards...I get mad the most boxes provide 5-10% of the amount you pay for them. Would a Zeke Elliott auto prizm numbered to 10, be awesome? Of course it would, but I'm just talking about the other stuff. To me balance is needed. If you the auto's are going to be weak, throw in some nicer parallels in those boxes. If the parallels are weak, make one of the auto's nice..etc. got a ton of boxes like what I broke...junk autos...junk inserts..and for the most part junk rookies.