Friday, June 9, 2017

Old School Box Breaks: 2002-03 Fleer Platinum Basketball Hobby Box

This is one of the more unique Fleer releases in the early 2000s as they went with the "Old School" Variety by giving collectors a sampling of 3 different pack types (Wax, Jumbo, Rack). There are exclusive rookies in each pack form. There really are no huge hits in this. You get 2 memorabilia cards per box, which back then was the selling point of these, but in today's world...memorabilia cards don't exactly set the world on fire. Nonetheless, I thought this would be a fun break and decided to bust a box. 

Basic Set Info
140 Basic Cards
20 Unsung Heroes
10 Rookies (1:4 Wax Packs, 1:2 Jumbo Packs, 1:1 Rack Pack)
10 Rookies Numbered to 750 (Wax Pack Exclusive)
10 Rookies numbered to 350 (Jumbo Pack Exclusive)
10 Rookies numbered to 250 (Rack Pack Exclusive)

Platinum Finish (# to 100)
Guts and Glory (1:4 Wax, 1:2 Jumbo, 1:1 Rack)
Inside the Playbook (# to 400)
Platinum Portraits (1:14 Wax, 1:8 Jumbo, 1:4 Rack_
Inside the Playbook Jersey (# to 250)
Vince Carter's All Stars Dual Jersey (# to 250)
Platinum Portraits Jersey (1:21 Wax Packs)
Platinum Portraits Patch (# to 100)
Nameplates (Serial Numbered 1:8 Jumbo)
Freshman Fabric (1:2 Rack)

Here we go!!!

I'll list by configuration

Wax Packs

Rookies (1:4)
Dan Dickau
Vincent Yarbrough
Marcus Haislip
Chris Wilcox

Guts and Glory (1:4)
Elton Brand
Richard Jefferson
Ben Wallace
Reggie Miller

Inside the Playbook
Tim Duncan (#356/400)

Platinum Portraits (1:14)
Shane Battier

Platinum Portraits Jersey (1:21)
Dirk Nowtizki


Michael Jordan Base

Rookies (1:2)
Tito Maddox
Mike Dunleavy

Rookies (Jumbo Exclusive)
Rasual Butler (#133/350)

Platinum Portraits (1:8)
Shaquille O'Neal

Guts and Glory (1:2)

Rasheed Wallace

Nameplates Patch

Amare Stoudemire (#274/315)

Rack Pack

Rookies (1:1)

Nikoloz Tskitishvili

Rookies Rack Pack Exclusive
Juan Dixon (#39/250)

Guts and Glory (1:1)

Ben Wallace     

Overall Thoughts: Fun little break. This would've been a great break back in the day, especially the Amare Nameplates patch. Cool to get a Duncan numbered insert too. Rookies were weak, but the best ones are the toughest to get. Here's pics of the hits!






  1. Wow... congratulations on pulling the Name Plates Stoudemire. I'm sure that still carries some value... but can you imagine how much it was worth ten years ago.

    1. Yep wouldve definitely been a MAJOR pull at the time!!