Saturday, June 3, 2017

Recent Pickups Time! Tons of Good Stuff!!

Here's a look at some more cards I've gotten over the last couple of weeks!

15-16 Prestige Distinctive Ink Kyrie Irving (#11/25)

Wayyyyyy back in August last year, I pulled a redemption for this card and it FINALLY came in last week. It's a sticker auto, but I'm just happy to have it and not worry about any more redemptions that are left hanging.

98-99 Stadium Club Vince Carter RC PSA 9

I remember when Vince was molten hot, these cards were too. Issued as redemptions in Series 1, due to the lockout, these cards sold like hotcakes when they were in hand. I always had wanted one, but never pulled the trigger..until now. I got this for 6 bucks. One of my many goals, is to reacquire all the Vince Rookies I owned back in the day and those I didn't own. This is one of them.

98-99 Topps Draft Redemption Vince Carter PSA 9

I have fond memories of the 98-99 Topps Draft Redemption set as I remember buying a retail box of this stuff and pulling 3 redemptions. Though they weren't Vince, they didn't end up being too shabby. I pulled Jason Williams, Dirk, and Robert Traylor. At the time I was actually more excited about the Traylor out of the 3. I ended up trading both the Dirk and Jason Williams. Anyways, it's definitely a favorite set of mine, so I found the Vince and I scooped it up.

16-17 National Treasures Giannis Antetokounmpo Patch Card (#3/25)

Just a nice patch card of the Greek Freak. He really had an outstanding year this past season and I think it's only the beginning for him.

86-87 Fleer Julius Erving PSA 9

I love the 86 Fleer set and this was a chance to add a mint copy of Dr. J. Absolutely love this card.

88-89 Fleer Kareem Abdul Jabbar PSA 9

I just love 80's Fleer basketball cards. This is actually Kareem's final base card during his playing days. Still dominating with that iconic skyhook.

1985 Star Gatorade Slam Dunk Charles Barkley BGS 9.5

I think this is an underrated pickup. A cool looking Barkley that predates his 86 Fleer rookie. I hope to pick up more Star cards of hall of famers in the future.

16-17 National Treasures Treasures Of The Hall Clyde Drexler Autograph (#4/49)

A nice bold large on card auto of Hall of Famer Clyde the Glide! Great looking card.

16-17 National Treasures Treasures Of The Hall Oscar Robertson Autograph (#21/25)

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to add the original "Mr. Triple Double" to my collection. Years ago, I had a Big O auto, but sold it when I sold off my collection. It feels really good to add one back. One card too!
16-17 National Treasures All Decade Wilt Chamberlain Memorabilia Card (#12/15)

I added this just to have a Wilt Memorabilia card into my collection again (I previously owned a few).

15-16 Flawless Wilt Chamberlain Ruby Patch PSA 9 (#7/8)

And two days later I upgraded to this! I wasn't going to let this one slip by! Great looking card!

16-17 Donruss Optic Signature Series Purple Karl Anthony Towns

I LOVE Optic cards and even though this is a sticker auto, it's still a great looking card of one of the best young stars in the game today.

03-04 Topps Finest Gold Refractor Jersey Manu Ginobili (#11/25)

If Manu has indeed played his final game, he'll go out as one of the most exciting and selfless players to ever play the game. He sacrificed so much personal glory for the purpose of one thing..winning. Even without the gaudy stats, he's still a shoo-in Hall of Famer when the time comes. This card right BEAUTIFUL. The 03-04 Finest Gold Refractor set is one of the best looking ones out there. When I saw this card, I NEEDED it. So glad I won it and added it to my collection.

14-15 Prestige Bonus Shots Sean Elliott Autograph (#88/99)

The seller of the Manu was also nice enough to throw this in. Now to be honest..I LOATHE Sean Elliott because he's one of the WORST commentators out there today. My opinion of course. He's up with good ol Tom Heinsohn when it comes to homerism when commentating on Spurs games. It's beyond annoying. Anyway, as a player though, there's no denying Elliott was a crucial piece to the Spurs first title in 1999. Not bad a for a free throw in.

2016 Unparalleled Emmitt Smith Red Triple Patch (#5/5)

How can I pass up this beautiful Emmitt numbered to 5?? Great card of my favorite football player of all time.

13/14 Immaculate Collection Basketball Bo Jackson Autograph (#7/25)

As I've gotten older, I've really started to appreciate even more just how awesome Bo Jackson was. There will NEVER be another guy who dominates two sports like Bo did. It really made me want to add some cards of his, including a nice auto. I really didn't have a preference with sport, just wanted a nice looking on card autograph. I don't know the backstory really behind these cards as when they came out, I was out of the collecting game, but apparently Panini threw in some legends from other sports in their Basketball release of 13-14. This card though was exactly what I wanted. A nice full on card auto of Bo!

1989 Bowman Ken Griffey Jr. RC BGS 9

Hey for under 5 bucks a graded mint rookie of Ken Griffey Jr.? I'm all in! I'm really liking picking up lower end mint copies of Hall of Famers/Superstars rookie cards. They are super affordable and still cool to have.

14-15 Totally Certified Mirror Gold Kyrie Irving (#1/10)

If it's shiny gold I'm buyin!! Whether it's Finest, Chrome, Prizm, Optic, and even Certified, I love the look of Gold Foil. This Kyrie was a no brainer for me!

And that'll do it! All caught up (for now anyways!)

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