Saturday, February 10, 2018

Topps Now Mailday: Los Angeles Dodgers Postseason Set Autograph Edition

So my final postseason set came in today..and honestly I'm beyond upset and deflated to go into much detail. Same format as the others. 15 team cards an additional 2 bonus cards for the Dodgers winning the NLDS and NLCS and an auto. Here's the team set

So onto the once again predictable depressing part. There were only 3 signers..Kershaw, Bellinger and Alex Wood, with the base auto being numbered to 99 and parallels to follow. You wanna just take a wild guess who I got and what version despite having a 66% chance of not having the worst guy on the checklist?

Yep..Alex Wood to 99..just like the damn Baez. Unbelievable. I really hate the way these are distributed. I know it's random and I know they probably random'd the order before shipping anything out but I hate the fact that it just seems like you don't even get a shot at Kershaw or Bellinger because they haven't signed their cards yet. I'd rather all autos be distributed at the same time when everyone signs. It probably wouldn't make ANY difference..but it's just perception of it feeling more fair. And of course I get the worst player and the highest print run possible. I knew the risks, i'm not blaming anyone, and I still love Topps Now cards, but I'm NEVER doing this team set with the random auto again. It's definitely not worth it to me.

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