Saturday, May 5, 2012

Damn I'm Gonna Miss These Cards: Week of April 30-May6th

I've decided to make this a weekly installment, as each week I will showcase some of my more notable cards that are off to the auction block. This week, the majority of the cards of Carmelo rookies. Again  feel free to check out my auctions that end Sunday night to see if anything interests you. Here's the link

This Week's Auctions

Here's this weeks notable cards

Carmelo Anthony Rookie Cards
When 03-04 rolled around, I definitely bought as much product as I could and also chased rookies of Melo, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and of course LeBron. I accumulated quite a few Carmelo rookie issues, and this week you'll see quite a few of them up for auction. These three sets boast such an awesome design, I've always been a big fan of all 3 sets. It'll be a shame they'll no longer be a part of my collection.

2000 SPX Winning Materials Alex Rodriguez
Any time I see older memorabilia cards, I have that much more appreciation for them. They were harder to find and they actually meant something when you pulled them. I remember cards like this easily going for $100 or over when they first game out. Now, they are a dime a dozen, but nothing will ever beat the early era game used cards of the late 90's early 2000's.

03-04 Topps Pristine Uncirculated Refractor Carmelo Anthony
A nice rookie issue parallel card of Melo

2003 Topps Gallery Sam Crawford Game Used Bat
I also had an Eddie Collins Game Used Bat card from the same set, but I pulled it cause someone offered me $60 for it. Not bad for a card I paid 5 bucks for. The Crawford, like the Collins, is interesting to me, cause I don't think there are too many game used cards of either Hall of Famer.

Carmelo Anthony Dual Rookie Jersey Cards
I vividly remember buying the T-Mac Melo Dual Jersey and thinking how cool it was to own a dual jersey card of the future of the league. The Wade-Melo is pretty cool too and it's not a card you see pop up that often, then there's the Ultimate Collection Dual Jersey, which is one of Melo's nicer higher end rookie memorabilia cards.

2002 Fleer Fall Classics Rival Factions Jackie Robinson Game Used Pants (w/Joe Morgan)
Getting rid of Jackie Robinson memorabilia is definitely a tough pill to swallow, especially an early issue memorabilia card like this one.

03-04 Bowman Rookies and Stars Signs of the Future Carmelo Anthony Autograph
The 1st autograph I bought of the 03-04 rookie class was this beauty. This is a slick looking card with a large on card Melo rookie graph. Way better than cut windows and stickers.

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