Saturday, May 12, 2012

Damn I'm Gonna Miss These Cards!! Week of May 7th-May13th

Here are this week's notable cards that I have decided to part ways with in my quest for my ultimate holy grail. As always jump to this link if you would like to see all the cards I have for auction that end tomorrow night

My Auctions

03-04 Ultimate Collection Dual Game Used Uniform Bill Russell
Here's the first notable card, a dual game used memorabilia card from the legendary Bill Russell. 

01-02 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Game Jersey Michael Jordan
Ah memories. My first Michael Jordan Game Used Jersey card. When this card  came out back in 2002, I thought there would be no way I'd ever afford it. I did, and it became the first game used MJ Jersey card in my collection. I never thought I'd ever own a jersey card of the greatest basketball player that ever lived and for a good long while this was my most favorite card of my collection.

2003 Ultimate Collection Dual Patches Gold Albert Pujols/Scott Rolen
This card made the honorable mention for my top 100 countdown and how couldn't it? It's a gorgeous dual multi-colored patch card numbered to 35 featuring arguably the best modern day player in the game today.

03-04 Skybox Autographics Rookies Affirmed Dual Patch Tracy McGrady/Carmelo Anthony
I remember being in awe of this card when I first saw it. It's not a card that comes up much as it's numbered to 50. Both patches are multi-colored and it's from Melo's rookie year.

09-10 UD Artifacts Tundra Tandems Mario Lemieux/Sidney Crosby Dual Game Used Patch
I really love this dual patch card but since Hockey is not one of the sports I follow, it must go. It's for the greater good
 02-03 MVP Materials Michael Jordan Game Used Warm Ups
This was my first Basketball Game Used Card of MJ as it featured a swatch of Washington Wizards used warm ups.

1997 Pinnacle Inscriptions Jerry Rice Autograph
The only reason I'm selling an autograph of the greatest receiver of all time, is because I have two other autographs of him (one on a mini helmet with Joe Montana, and one in person on my Hall of Fame Football). Card looks a lot better than the scans shows.

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