Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sports Cards and Memories Presents: My History With Starting Lineups; Part IV: Corinthian Headliners

During my Starting Lineup Craze, there was a different kind of Sports Figurine Collectible that complimented my SLU's. In 1996 Corinthian came up with their Headliners Sports Figure line. I guess Starting Lineup fever caught up with me, because I instantly started collecting these as well. They were relatively smaller and cheaper than SLU counterparts and unique as well, as they were't toys like SLU's were. They were reminiscent of bobbleheads as the figures sported big heads in proportion to their bodies (thus the name "Headliners"). Corinthian initially had licenses for Football (their inaugural release) Basketball and Baseball and also an NHLPA license. They eventually obtained an NHL License as well. They fairly popular, probably because of their price point as well. I was instantly hooked and now, not only was I looking down toy aisles for SLU's but Headliners as well.  Corinthian would create different series including their Headliners X-L series, Throwback Football series, College Football and Basketball series, 4 packs, and more. By 1999 though, the Headliners series had basically worn out their welcome and I believe 2000 was their last release (I remember there being a Griffey Reds Headliner that was a limited edition, I don't remember anything else after 2000). They had a brief but successful run, and they were a huge part of my Sports Figure Craze. I had a lot (probabaly a 100 or more) at one time. Today, I only kept my Cowboys, Penny Hardaways, and  Griffey X-L figures. It was definitely something different, and the market at the time could definitely afford to have something a little different in the hobby. Here are some pics of various Headliners.

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  1. I had a bunch at one time... but today, the only one remaining is the Brett Favre piece (the same one you have).

    This would be the perfect example of me collecting something for the sake of collecting... since I never really liked these (especially compared to SLU's).