Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Favorite 150 Items in My Collection-#148 Ty Beanie Babies Fortune The Panda Bear

Why I Like It: A Beanie Baby?? Really?? Yes..really. Back in the Late 90's-Early 2000's, Beanie Babies were so popular that even my mom got into collecting them. She bought quite a few, but she didn't last long and ended up selling all but two and giving them to me as keepsakes. Smarter the Owl, which commemorates my high school graduation as it's dated 2002, and this one. So what makes this one so special?
This particular one was "born" on my birthday, December 6th. I always thought that was pretty cool, and it's a neat litter reminder that once upon a time even my mom caught the collecting bug.

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  1. That's cool. I remember when my mom started collecting these too. Didn't realize that these guys had specific birthdays. I might have to check out which babies were born on my birthday.