Monday, March 6, 2017

I Got A Pretty Nice Steal If Ya Ask Me!

So I've mentioned a few times this year how turned off I am with modern wax. I just haven't seen the value in it and have gone more towards the singles route. If I do have an itch to bust wax...I've gone the old school route.'s my most recent purchase and I believe I got one of the biggest steals I've ever gotten on EBay

So This was a 3 box lot that I won on EBay. I was super interested in this lot mainly for the 98-99 UD Series II box. I've always wanted to rip one of those open and know they tend to be pricey. I was willing to pay market price for the 3 boxes combine. So I put my max bid in with 5 seconds and ended up winning the lot for....$116 bucks. I could NOT believe it. My max was actually $320. The UD box alone goes for $150, while the other two boxes go from anywhere from $70 to $100. To get all 3 for basically 40 bucks a pop is a SUPER steal in my eyes! Yes, for the negative nancy's out there..maybe these boxes come from a case where the big hits have already been hit..but for the price, it's WAY worth the risk...a lot more worth the risk of winning this lot for nearly $200 less than what I was willing to pay! Part of me was a little nervous that because I won the lot so cheap, i might not ever see it and the seller would eat the negative. Just two weeks ago I had a seller with over 1600 100% feedback never send me a Zeke Optic Purple Rookie Card that I had won. I had to open a case and get my money back...a little part of me didn't want to get toooooo excited for fear that it might happen again. Today though, the boxes came in and I couldn't be happier! So the big question is...why did it end so low. Was it the title? Possibly..the title was "NBA FACTORY SEALED HOBBY WAX BOXES - CHROME, UPPER DECK, ULTRA". Kind of generic, no mention of Topps for Chrome and Fleer for Ultra, no years given (which is huge for a product like 98-99 UD Series II). Was it the time the auction ended? It ended at 11:30 Tuesday Morning. Was it because it was listed in lot form? I really believe if listed individually he would've made a lot more on these boxes. Regardless, I'll reap the benefits and open them at a later date! I'm currently opening a box of 98-99 Topps Series II Retail Basketball slowly (3 packs a day), then will also open a box of 97 UD3 Baseball, and 3 blasters of 2017 Topps Heritage (modern, but looks like fun and basically it's just $60 bucks so even if the breaks bust, it's not a huge loss). I also won a box 97-98 Bowman's Best Basketball so it'll be a busy month of busting that's for sure!


  1. Congratulations on your nice eBay pickup! Who knows why some items slip through the cracks. I've seen some pretty cool things close at insane prices.

    I'm super interested in seeing who you pull out of the SPx pack in the Upper Deck box. Back in the day, I'd buy those boxes... just to see if I could pull a Jason Williams or Vince Carter SPx rookie card.

    1. Oh man..I forgot those are in these boxes! Do you remember how many cards came per pack and was it just rookies?

    2. I think there were two... but it could be three cards per pack. It's been almost 20 years ;) And it's a pure rookie set (although... I'm pretty sure UD produced an SPx set that year with veterans too). Maybe they produced these packs because they dropped the ball and left out the rookies the first time around.

  2. Ah yeah...duh..remembering now..there's a 98 SPxFinite Set released that year no rookies and these packs had the rookies..all comin back now!