Saturday, March 25, 2017

Old School Box Breaks: 99-00 Fleer Ultra Basketball Hobby

So here is the 2nd of the 3 boxes that I purchased as a lot on Ebay. This particular product takes me back to a fun time in my collecting career. Game Used cards were starting to become a staple in a lot of sets starting in 1999, and though they were still tough to pull, they were starting to become just a little bit easier to pull. I remember buying a lot of this as a kid so it was something I definitely wanted to take a crack at when I saw the lot on Ebay.

What To Look For: Again from a 1999 perspective, SP'd rookie cards were pretty popular. In this product rookies were seeded 1 out of every 4 packs so rookie cards of Elton Brand, Steve Francis, Lamar Odom, Baron Davis, and Shawn Marion would be the top rookies to get. Unfortunately this ended up being a pretty mediocre draft class. It was a semi solid, but not spectacular class. The top 5 i mentioned had their brief success in the hobby, but none of it really lasted long. Besides rookies, Fleer Ultra is known for Platinum Medallion and Masterpiece parallels. The Platinum Medallions are numbered to 50 for veterans and 25 for rookies and of course Masterpiece parallels are 1 of 1s. The hardest insert set is the Millennium Men which are serial numbered to 100. As with most 90's inserts, get the right guy and you'll have yourself a pretty good card worth a nice chuck of money. Feel the Game memorabilia cards can be found too, but it's only player worn and of rookies so although at the time this was a desirable set, as the rookie class progressed most of the cards in the set aren't worth much despite the 1 out of 7 box odds. You can also pull Fresh Ink autograph cards and though the checklist has a TON of mediocre to bad names, you still have guys such as Scottie Pippen, Ray Allen, Shaq and other stars to pull.

Basic Set Info
99-00 Fleer Ultra Hobby
125 Base Cards
25 Rookies Seeded at 1:4 Packs
24 Packs Per Box
10 Cards Per Pack 

Gold Medallion (1:1)
Gold Medallion Rookies (1:35)
Platinum Medallion (Numbered to 50 for Veterans, 25 for Rookies)
Masterpiece Edition (1 of 1)
Good Looks (1:6)
World Premiere (1:12)
Heir To The Throne (1:24)
Parquet Players (1:72)
Millennium Men (numbered to 100)
Feel The Game (Hand Numbered)
Fresh Ink (Hand Numbered)

Time for The Break

Rookies (1:4)
Jonathan Bender
Jumaine Jones
Tim James
Jason Terry
William Avery
Quincy Lewis 

Gold Medallion (1:1)
Charles Oakley, Eric Snow, Grant Hill, Mike Bibby, David Robinson, Antoine Walker, Bryon Russell, Damon Stoudamire, Maurice Taylor, Larry Hughes, Latrell Sprewell, Jalen Rose, Alonzo Mourning, Ricky Davis, Keith Van Horn, Nick Van Exel, Larry Johnson, Mitch Richmond, Corliss Williamson, Charles Barkley, Tim Thomas, Dirk Nowitzki, Rashard Lewis, Dikembe Mutombo

Good Looks (1:6)
Allen Iverson
Baron Davis
Chris Webber
Anfernee Hardaway

World Premiere (1:12)
Jonathan Bender
Lamar Odom

Heirs To The Throne (1:24)
Antawn Jamison 

Parquet Players (1:72)
Antawn Jamison

Overall Thoughts: Yet another fun trip down memory lane! One thing that amazes me about this set is the top notch photography. Man it's good. Even common players have outstanding game action shots. This has to be one of the best sets made in regards to the game photos used. As far as the contents, I think even in 1999 this would be considered an Ok box. Not brutal, but not bad either. No huge hit like a memorabilia card, a Millennium Men Insert, an Autograph, or a Platinum Medallion parallel. The best card I'd pull would be a Parquet Players which is out of 3 boxes. The two biggest hits were of Antawn Jamison (aforementioned Parquet Players and Heirs To The Throne)..which back in 1999 wouldn't have too bad, but Jamison never really lit the hobby on fire so his cards don't go for much today. The rookies were dreadful...regardless of the year as the best one was of Jason Terry. The World Premiere inserts are sooooo awesome looking. I love the die cut design and again at the beginning of  the 1999 season, Lamar Odom stuff was actually highly coveted so this would have been a solid insert to hit. I also love the Gold Medallion die cut parallels. The Good Looks inserts aren't really anything special, which is probably why they are the easiest to hit. The Parquet Players and Heirs To The Throne are also really cool looking. Overall with the price I paid for the box, worth the nostalgic trip down memory lane. Here are  some of the hits, including some of the base cards to show off the photography!



Top 5 Pulls of 2017

#1- 2016 Donruss Optic Gold Vinyl Cam Newton 1/1
#2- 2016 Donruss Optic Derrick Henry Rated Rookie Autograph (#43/150)
#3- 2016 Donruss Optic Kenneth Dixon Rated Rookie Holo Autograph   Redemption (# to 99)
#4- 2016 Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket Autographs RPS Devontae Booker  
#5- 2016 Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket Autographs RPS Paul Perkins




  1. It doesn't look like you had any sticking...that's surprising, but good! I am one card short of the set, Ultra is my favorite brand. I didn't pay close enough attention and purchased the 2001-02 Fleer Platinum reprint. (Steve Francis)

    1. Actually I did have a few sticking problems, luckily only one card was partially damaged (a Zo Gold Medallion). Of all the horror stories though I've heard, felt I got lucky overall!