Thursday, April 20, 2017

Old School Box Break: 96-97 Topps Series 2 Hobby Jumbo Basketball

Found this box on Ebay and it's the first product I've opened where I can pull rookies of Kobe, Iverson, etc in a lonnnng time so thought it would be a fun break.

What To Look For:   They don't book for much but obviously rookie cards of Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Ray Allen, and Steve Nash lead the way. It's a small 110 set for series 2 so with 40 cards per pack and 12 packs per box, I'm kind of expecting multiple copies of these guys. The NBA@50 foil parallels are one per pack and getting a rookie parallel or MJ would be nice. Insert wise you have Finest and refractor reprints of the top 50 players (no Jordan though) and Mystery Finest/Refractors. Be nice to pull a sweet mystery finest refractor for sure.

Basic Set Info
96-97 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Hobby
110 Base Cards
12 Packs Per Box
40 Cards Per  Pack 

NBA@50 Parallel (1:1)
ProFiles (1:3)
Finest Reprint (1:10)
Finest Refractor Reprint (1:40)
Mystery Finest Bordered (1:10)
Mystery Finest Borderless (1:20)
Mystery Finest Bordered Refractor (1:96)
Mystery Finest Borderless Refractor (1:60)
Hobby Masters (1:10)

Let's get to rippin!

MJ Base-5

Notable Rookies

Allen Iverson (5)
Jermaine O'Neal (4)
Kobe Bryant (4)
Steve Nash (3)
Ray Allen (4)
Antoine Walker (3)
Shareef Abdur Rahim (4)
Stephon Marbury (4)

NBA@50 Parallel (1:1)

Avery Johnson
Tyrone Hill
Brian Shaw
Detlef Schrempf
Mario Elie
Tim Hardaway
John Wallace RC
Dell Curry
Steve Smith
Shaquille O'Neal
Allen Iverson RC
Stephon Marbury RC

ProFiles (1:3)
Juwan Howard
Kevin Garnett
Alonzo Mourning
Jerry Stackhouse
Anfernee Hardaway

Hobby Masters (1:10)
Reggie Miller

Finest Reprint (1:10)
Patrick Ewing
Moses Malone

Mystery Finest Bordered (1:10)

Clyde Drexler

Mystery Finest Borderless (1:20)
Reggie Miller

Mystery Finest Borderless Refractor (1:60)
David Robinson

Overall Thoughts: This was a super fun rip! Multiple copies of all the important rookies and MJ's, 3 Mystery Finest inserts (always fun to peel and reveal!) with one of them being a Borderless Refractor of The Admiral! Pulled a Penny insert, parallels of Iverson and Marbury and I really love the Finest Rookie Reprint cards! Very cool box to open!! Here are pics!


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  1. 4 Kobes! And 6 Iversons! Doesn't get much better than this.