Friday, April 21, 2017

Recent Maildays!

Been a while since I've bought singles off Ebay, but I picked up some nice cards over the week and they've all come in by now! Here's my most recent additions

16-17 Select Tie Dye Prizms Russell Westbrook (#20/25)

If it's Russ and a Prizm parallel, I'm getting it, lol. It's been a rough series for OKC against the Rockets, but regardless of what happens no one can take away the unbelievable season Russ had this year.

13-14 Panini Preferred Manu Ginobili NBA Finals Game Used Jersey  Booklet (#28/99)

Jersey cards might not be what they used to be, but I'm still a sucker for Jerseys that are actually tied to specific games..I'm even more a sucker for cards with swatches of Finals used jersey. The great thing about this card? It was only a little over $6 with shipping. I'll pay those prices all day for Finals jerseys, especially of a future Hall of Famer like Manu

2016 Immaculate Jumbo Patch Walter Payton (#1/5)

I really felt like giving my football collection a boast and picked up 3 nice cards. This is the first of those 3's. The pic doesn't really do this card's a BEAUTY. Numbered to only 5 copies and also a nice huge jersey swatch with a nice swatch of patch..very awesome card of "Sweetness"

2016 Flawless Dual Patches Gold Ezekiel Elliott/Emmitt Smith (#10/10)

Yeah..I wasn't gonna pass this one. Two dominant running backs from my favorite team. Two nice patches and numbered to only 10 copies..I'll never buy a box of Flawless as it's too rich for my blood but I'll gladly reap the benefits of those who break and sell!

2016 Flawless Patches Gold Tom Brady/Rob Gronkowski (#2/10)

Something about these Flawless patches that just suck me in. I wish the Gronk was a better patch, but hey with that Brady patch, I won't complain too much. Just great looking cards in my opinion!

So yeah..I think my football collection just got a little bit better!

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