Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mailday Time!!

Time to catchup on my recent maildays. Only 6 cards, but they are pretty high quality! Let's get to it!

88-89 Fleer Michael Jordan BGS 9

A while back, I picked up a graded 89-90 Fleer MJ, and now this one as I'm slowly getting back my 80's Fleer MJ's. It might take a while to get the 87-88 and of course the big one, the Fleer Rookie card, but one day it will happen!

96-97 Topps Draft Redemption Kobe Bryant PSA 9

Love me some Kobe rookie issues. I never owned this card before, but I've always wanted it. Such a 90's card!

03-04 Topps Chrome LeBron James RC BGS 9

One of my bigger regrets was selling this card off when I first got out of collecting. It costs a hell of a lot more to reacquire it, but I just had to have it. One of my favorite Lebron rookies of all time.

2016 Flawless Auto/Patch Jason Witten (#3/5)

I've been really digging this year's Flawless. I'll NEVER buy a box of this stuff, but I don't mind cherry picking singles off Ebay. Jason Witten is my favorite Cowboy of this era. He reminds me of a throwback to the Cowboys of the 90's. This was an absolute must have for me with a giant patch and huge on card auto. Doesn't hurt that it's numbered to 5 copies as well.

2016 Flawless Greats Auto/Patch Aaron Rodgers (#2/25)

More Flawless as this is my first ever autograph of that badddddd mannnnn. Nice multi colored patch and an on card auto..absolutely love it!

2016 Flawless Greats Dual Patch/Auto Kurt Warner (#4/5)

And to end this mailday post, another Flawless card with two great patches and a nice on card auto of one of the newest inductees to the Hall of Fame..Kurt Warner. Just a great looking card. Glad to add this to my collection!

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  1. Damn... that A-Rod is nice! The other cards are sweet too... but they all bow down to that badddddd mannnnn.