Sunday, May 21, 2017

Recent Pickups!

Here's my most recent pickups from the past week!

2008-09 UD Black Russell Westbrook Auto/Jersey RC (#47/99) BGS 9

This card went straight to the top 20 countdown yesterday as it's by far my best Westbrook card in my collection. Been wanting to pick up an autograph RC of Russ for awhile and I couldn't pass this one up! Love the look of UD Black cards.

95-96 Collector's Choice Player's Club Michael Jordan BGS 9.5

So this is a first for me. I totally bought the wrong card. It's on 100% on me, not the seller, as I was careless. I dunno why I thought this was the Platinum Players Club parallel that I was buying, but I did. It's still an ok MJ though, but I probably wouldn't have bid on it, had I paid attention to what I was doing. Ah well, lesson learned!

16/17 Donruss Optic Court Kings Green Prizm Russell Westbrook ( #3/5)

I've stated numerous time that Russ Prizm Parallels are a favorite of mine so there was no way I was going miss out on winning this one! Love the look of Optic Inserts, especially the parallels.

16/17 Donruss Optic Court Kings Gold Prizm Dirk Nowitzki (#1/10)

Speaking of Optic's another one this time a Gold of Dirk. I honestly prefer to Gold Parallels to the Green despite the Green being scarcer.

16-17 National Treasures Game Gear Dual Patch Kawhi Leonard (#25/25)

Kawhi has definitely become one of my favorite players to's just a shame he got injured in the conference finals as it was really becoming a breakout for him. This is a sweet looking card that I got for under $30.

15/16 Gala Main Attraction Green Parallel Patch Lebron James (#8/25)

I dunno, I just like the overall look of this card. The green pops out and it's a pretty cool looking card.

16-17 Donruss Optic Silver Holo Court Kings LeBron James

Very cheap pickup that I got because like I said..I love Optic cards!

1990 Topps Traded Emmitt Smith RC BGS 9

I really like getting low end graded rookies of Hall of Famers because they are so cheap. I'll eventually get the Emmitt Score Supplemental, but for now I'll start with his Topps.

2016 Flawless Jim Kelly/Thurman Thomas Dual Patch Emerald (#1/2)

I love Flawless patches and the Thurman patch actually looks game worn. My only disappointment is the Kelly is a player worn patch..not a game used one. I really don't understand using player worn jerseys in a product (much less an expensive one like Flawless) for vets they do. Still a cool looking card regardless.

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  1. Holy crap... those are some nice pickups. I truly miss UD Black. Never could afford that product, but I killed a lot of time watching people bust that stuff on YouTube.