Thursday, January 11, 2018

Topps Now Mailday: Boston Red Sox Postseason Set Autograph Edition

So one of things Topps did for it's Topps Now product was produce Postseason Edition set for the teams that made the playoffs. Most of them also had an "Autograph Edition" version, which was basically the same set plus a random autograph from a select group of players from each team. I purchased the autograph edition of the Red Sox, Astros, Cubs, and Dodgers. I've gotten in the Astros (saving that for a later post) and now today I got the Red Sox in. The Red Sox was a low risk purchase for me, since the autograph I was going to receive was either going to be Andrew Benintendi or Chris Sale. I'd be happy with either. So here's what the set looks like and then the auto I got.

and the auto...

So not only is the player random but there are different parallels you can get as well. This one is the easiest parallel but I really love the card. I love the red ink on it and it's my first auto of Chris Sale. Definitely happy with the purchase! Now I just need my Dodgers and Cubs sets to come in!


  1. Nice autograph. The red ink really stands out. Like you said, you can't really miss on either Benintendi or Sale.

  2. I got my Astros set the other day, but I haven't posted about it yet.

    1. Yeah i was definitely pleased with the auto i got for the astros set..just waiting for some other astros topps now cards to come in before i post it all