Saturday, April 14, 2018

2 Boxes of 2018 FOTL Diamond Kings

So I typically don't mess with Panini Baseball product since it's unlicensed, but because of Ohtani-Mania, it's really the only decently priced baseball product out there. Also, since this is First Off the Line, the special hit is a purple foiled autographed card numbered to 20 or less. So for the price and a chance at an Ohtani numbered to 20, I decided to take a shot at a couple boxes. Now my luck has been pretty dreadful the last month (in relative to what I have spent, I've pulled a couple of decent cards, but not enough to justify what I paid) and looking at the release schedule, I really don't see anything that catches my eye besides National Treasures Basketball (and only the FOTL version, which will sell out in 2 seconds. No way in HELL I get a box) so this might be the last box break for a little while. Let's hope it's good! Here's what I got

Box 1

Base Shohei Ohtani Pitching RC

Brian Anderson
Dustin Fowler

Sepia Variation
Andrew Benintendi

Name Variation
Mickey Mantle "The Mick"

Red Frame
Kris Bryant
Trey Mancini

Brown Frame
Roberto Clemente (#15/49)

Chipper Jones
Jackie Robinson

Gallery Of Stars

J.D. Martinez
Paul Goldschmidt

Trophy Club
Justin Verlander
Dallas Keuchel

500 Club
Harmon Killebrew
Mark McGwire

Past and Present
Bobby Doerr/Dustin Pedroia
Lou Boudreau/Francisco Lindor

Shohei Ohtani

Bat Kings Blue Holo
Logan Morrison (#10/25)

Signatures Purple Holo
Odubel Herrera (#20/20)

Box 2

Base Shohei Otani Batting RC

Josh Bell
Nolan Ryan

Photo Variation

Joe DiMaggio

Name Variation
Shohei Ohtani Japanese Babe Ruth

Red Frame Sepia Batting
Shohei Ohtani

Red Frame
Andrew Benintendi
Chuck Klein

Artist's Proof
Mookie Betts (#62/99)

Past and Present
Babe Ruth/Aaron Judge
Mickey Mantle/Mike Trout

The 500
David Ortiz

Ty Cobb
Ken Griffey Jr.

Gallery Of Stars
Paul Goldschmidt
Jose Ramirez

Carlos Correa

Trophy Club
Mickey Mantle
George Springer

DK Dual Materials

Richard Urena (#09/49)

Rookie Signatures Purple Holo

Max Fried (#3/10)

Overall Thoughts: Despite the lackluster hits, this was a pretty fun break! I pulled 5 different Ohtani cards, and an assortment of inserts of Mantle,  Judge, Griffey, Trout, Bryant, Correa etc. It would've been nice to hit a nice auto, but still for the price point a very enjoyable break. Pics of the  cards.


Top 5 Pulls of 2018 
#1 2017-18 Panini Select Ben Simmons Green Prizm (#3/5)
#2 2017-18 Panini Select Rookie Autographs Neon Green Prizm Kyle Kuzma (#38/65)
#3 2017-18 Panini Contenders The Finals Ticket Rookie Autographs Markelle Fultz (#40/49) 
#4 2017-18 Donruss Optic Donovan Mitchell Rated Rookie Signatures Redemption
#5 2018 Topps Heritage Mike Trout Nickname Variaton (KIIIIID)


  1. Congratulations on pulling all of those Ohtani cards! This product is much nicer looking than the regular Donruss baseball.

    1. Thanks, the way this season's prices are, Panini Baseball stuff might be all I'm able to afford if I wanna rip some packs!