Friday, August 10, 2018

Box Breaks: 2 Hobby Boxes of 2018 Topps Heritage WWE

I got a lot of stuff to open this weekend again, and we're going to kick off things with a little bit of Wrasslin action. My wrestling breaks are rare, but I was intrigued by Heritage (and the 1989 Topps Baseball Design they are using) to try a couple of boxes. For once it's a relatively cheap break (boxes are around $55-$57 apiece) and I'm not expecting any big monsters or anything. Last wrestling break was 2017 WWE Legends where I pulled a Goldberg auto so we'll see how we do here. Only going to list the parallels and hits because there's a lot of 1:2 pack inserts in these boxes. So here's what I got

Bronze Parallels John Cena
Liv Morgan
Cedric Alexander
Chad Gable
Mandy Rose
Velveteen Dream
Matt Hardy
Noam Dar
Apollo Crews
Chris Jericho
Big E
Adam Cole
Alexa Bliss
Becky Lynch
Randy Orton
Samoa Joe
Titus O'Neil
Kevin Owens
Aleister Black
Jimmy Uso

Silver Parallel

Maria Kanellis (#24/25)
Cesaro (#19/25)

Survivor Series Mat Relic
Nia Jax (#298/299)

Kiss Card
Dasha Fuentes (#91/99)

Autographs Blue Parallel
Kofi Kingston (#15/50)

Autographs Gold Parallel
Mandy Rose (#8/10)

Overall Thoughts: Very fun enjoyable break. I love the old school 89 Topps Design and love the Legends Big Insert set which is easy to finish because it's a 50 card set and you get 2 per pack. My only complaint would be once again collation. It's a small base set and I think I only got like 2 new base cards in my 2nd box. As far as value, it's pretty much tied to your hits as even low numbered parallels don't seem to sell very well. I did pretty good on the hits. The Kofi is my favorite because I love the Blue Border. It fits with the New Day (the tag team Kofi is in, in case you didn't know) and also with the Smackdown brand. The Mat relic isn't anything special, but box 2 delivered a Kiss Card..yes I'd never thought I'd type that out as one of m pulls (Just wish it was of a more prominent Diva than a backstage interviewer) and a Gold Auto (Surpisingly, Mandy Rose actually sells pretty decent so this was actually a solid hit). I could see myself possibly breaking a box or two more of this only because it would be a quick break. I'd basically skip right to the hits. 

Success/Failure?- So ROI wise, I was into these boxes for $115.98. Using guestimates on what I'm keeping and the hits, it returned a 85% ROI which makes it a successful break as if you value fun factor into it, it's as close to breaking even as you can. I think because of the short yet deep auto checklist, you can definitely have some fun with this stuff and if you're a WWE fan I definitely recommend checking this out! Pics of the cards




Top 5 Pulls of 2018
#1 2017-18 National Treasures FOTL RPA Exclusive Lonzo Ball (#13/15)
#2 2017-18 National Treasures FOTL RPA Exclusive De'Aaron Fox (#3/15)
#3 2018 Topps Tier One Triple Patch Autographs Ichiro (#1/1)
#4 2018 Bowman Chrome Prospects Red Refractor Autograph Jeren Kendall (#2/5)
#5 (Tie) 2018 Topps Tier One Tier One Signatures Derek Jeter (#7/15)
#5 (Tie) 2018 Donruss Optic Rated Rookies Autographs Black Holo FOTL Exclusive Shohei Ohtani (#10/12)


  1. I like that Nia Jax card. I may get a box or two of this stuff.

    1. I actually like that it's tied to a specfic event like survivor series instead of a random mat from an unknown event

  2. Love that kiss card! Don't know (since I don't watch WWE)... but Mandy Rose is definitely easy on the eyes.

    1. She is..but it was easy to let her go since someone bought it for $100