Saturday, December 1, 2018

Some More Cardfest Additions!

So Black Friday has come and gone and I did pick some stuff up on BF and Cyber Monday, a lot of it has already come in, so here's a look at the numerous additions I have added to cardfest!

2017 Prizm Retail Blasters and Value Packs

This wasn't a Black Friday Purchase really, but D&A Cardworld had these for sale at basically retail price (and cheaper than Blowout) and I wanted to go Mahomes hunting so I decided to grab 12 blasters and 24 Value Packs. It's a very risky purchase and could be a bloodbath, but it's probably the cheapest way to hunt Mahomes Prizm Rookies.

2017-18 Prestige Basketball

This was a BF Friday from Steel City Collectibles. Prestige is a lower end product and was waiting for a price drop to finally try a box or two. At $47.95 I decided to grab 2. Should be a fun lower end rip with a chance to pull autos from last year's loaded rookie class.

2018 Topps Update Jumbo Case (With 12 Silver Packs)

Probably the best deal of any deals offered on any sites on Black Friday. D&A Cardworld had these for $440 and included 12 Silver Packs with the purchase. The Silver Packs Alone are probably $8-$10 packs so to get this case for that cheap is pretty amazing to me. The closest deals were Blowout offering Hobby Cases for $499 and Jumbo Cases for $449 but neither came with the bonus silver packs. The D&A deal sold out in minutes and I was lucky to get one.

2018 Topps Gallery Baseball

I broke this Wal Mart Exclusive last Cardfest and was initially going to stay away from this year's version because of it's $79.99 price tag. Wal Mart had these marked down on BF to $65.99 which is more around what I was willing to pay to try a couple boxes.

2018 Topps Gold Label Baseball

This was technically a BF purchase, but Blowout spread out there sale to last the entire week instead of just BF. I didn't actually buy anything on BO on Black Friday, but what I did buy was on Monday. These were $39.99 and the limit was 2. I like Gold Label though I've never broken a box, so I thought at the price it was well worth it.

2017-18 Status Basketball

The 2nd part of my BO Monday BF Friday purchase. Status was something I always wanted to try as it has a early 90's Skybox vibe to it. For $29.99, you can't beat that price for a hobby box so I got 4 which was the limit for this product. Another fun low end basketball product to rip.

2018 Topps Archives Baseball

This was a BF Purchase from D&A Cardworld. Eventually Steel City and Blowout matched their price but at the time it was cheapest on D&A. I like Archives but the price point initially was ridiculous. Luckily because of delays with Hobby, the price quickly went down and at $69.99 on BF it was definitely at a price I wanted. I got two boxes.

2018 Bowman High Tek Baseball

Another D&A BF Purchase (another product that Blowout eventually ended up matching, but it was cheaper here first). I don't really know much about this product, other than the fact it's basically Topps Tek but catered towards rookies and prospects. Figured for $59.99 it was worth the rip two boxes.

2018 Topps Tek Baseball

This is why I favored D&A over Blowout for BF purchases. D&A at least offered discounts on more recent products. Again, Blowout would eventually match the price, but too little too late as I already got them from D&A. I've seen some pretty good breaks of this stuff, and even though the patterns can be a tad confusing, it still looks like a fun product to rip. I got two boxes to try.

2018 Topps Five Star Baseball

And the last product I'll show off today is a familiar face. I've already busted two boxes of this a couple months ago, but D&A had them at $109 on BF and I liked the product enough to give it another whirl. I sound like a broken record, but eventually Blowout lowered their prices to match D&A.


  1. Lots of great stuff. Can't wait for the busting to begin.