Friday, July 4, 2014

My Favorite 150 Items in My Collection-#135 1974 Topps Lem Barney

Why I Like It: I talked about this card about a year ago, it's my first ever vintage card. Back in the early 90's our little town of Calallen (a suburb of Corpus Christi, Texas) had 3 CARD SHOPS! Hard to fathom when I don't think Corpus has anymore card shops left today. Anyways Pops Cards & Comics was one of my favorite store as I distinctly remember buying packs of 90-91 Hoops and 1990 and 91 Pro Set Football cards there. They had singles as well, and I found this card for a quarter. I only bought it cause it was old. 1974! I had no idea who Lem Barney was and was pleasantly surprised to find out he was a Hall of Fame Player! This card will always be a sentimental favorite to me which is why it makes the countdown here at #135.

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