Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Favorite 150 Items in My Collection-#133 Ken Griffey Jr 2000 Starting Lineup

Why I Like It: Not only do I love the diving catch pose, but the story behind as well. I've shared the store in previous post a couple years ago, but for a refresher here we go. I was out helping my friend go to door to door hanging Easter bags and after we got done we stopped by Wal Mart. Of course we immediately dart straight to the toy aisle with me leading the charge. Low and behold I found this and got excited but had forgotten that I didn't have any money to purchase it. My friend, being a collector, ended up buying it. I probably could've have hidden it and had my Dad take me back, but I decided not to and let him buy it. I reallllly wanted it though, and I knew there was a piece in my collection he'd be eying for a while. He's a HUGE Dallas Mavericks fan, and Michael Finley was his guy. He wanted my Finley rookie piece. We ended up making a swap and though it was hard to let go of my Finley (I never traded pieces away that I didn't have doubles of) I felt it was worth it to add this Griffey to my collection. We both ended up happy with the deal and we both still have the pieces in our possession.

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