Friday, July 14, 2017

Box Breaks: 2 Boxes of 2017 Topps Tier Baseball

So this was the "Grand Finale" of my weekend of busting boxes. Now I was terrified of this break after seeing NUMEROUS brutal breaks of this. I thought after the luck I had all weekend I was FOR SURE going to end on a rough note. My only saving grace is I had preordered these boxes at below $100 per box instead of the ridiculous over $130 a box it is now. So did I get totally hosed? Let's find out!

Box 1

Danny Duffy (#127/300)
Break Out Auto Redemption Ken Giles

Jersey Relic

Alex Bregman (#238/331)

Prodigious Patches Platinum

Eric Hosmer (1#1)

Box #2

Jersey Relic
Freddie Freeman (#169/331)

Jharel Cotton (#245/300)

Nomar Mazara (#39/75)

Overall Thoughts: So I'm not going to lie, I slowly started uncovered the first card on box #1 and saw "One of One" and my heart started RACING. I NO WAY this could possibly be better than everything else I had pulled throughout the weekend. I saved the card for last and the rest of the break was....BRUTALLLL. Man, it was pretty much as bad as advertised with my only saving grace being this mystery 1 of 1 I was holding on to. Then I unveiled it and it was....Eric Hosmer. Cool pull, but honestly deflating as I was hoping for a MONSTER.  The crazy thing is this is the 2nd Royals 1 of 1 I've pulled since coming back to collecting. The first one was the Alex Gordon Topps Tribute Superfractor Autograph if you recall last year. Just like the Gordon, the Hosmer didn't stay in my collection very long as literally not even an hour later  I sold the card to a member of Blowout Cards for $100 bucks. The 1 of 1 did not end up saving the entire break, but it could've been MUCH worse. The Hosmer still will end up making my top 5 pulls, which shows how great this weekend was as 3 new cards ended up making the list. Here's a pic of the cards I pulled and boy was it a fun weekend!! I'll be busting some Topps Archives Retail Hangers and Blasters tomorrow. 


Top 5 Pulls of 2017 
#1- 2016 Donruss Optic Superfractor Cam Newton (#1/1)
#2- 2017 Bowman Platinum Platinum Cuts Gleyber Torres Autograph (#14/25)  #3- 2017 Topps Tier Prodigious Patches Platinum Eric Hosmer (#1/1)
#4- 2017 Bowman Platinum Autographs Gleyber Torres Green Parallel (#16/75)  
#5- 2017 Topps Heritage 1968 Topps Game Rookies Aaron Judge

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  1. I'm interested in the Mazara if you are interested in moving it! judsonmeeks AT gmail DOT com.