Sunday, July 16, 2017

EBay Pickups From The Last Month

I haven't had a pickups post in almost a month and a half so I gotta lot of catching up to do! In between ripping all these boxes, I have some Ebay pickups. Here they are from the last month!

97-98 E-X 2001 Tim Duncan RC BGS 9.5

The E-X is one of my favorite basketball series of all time, especially the first three years of the product. I absolutely love it. I owned the non graded version of this card when I first collected, but this time around I decided to get a nicer 9.5 Gem Mint version. Can't go wrong with a graded Timmy Rookie!

1990 Score Supplemental Emmitt Smith RC PSA 9

Another card and I needed to reacquire (I believe I used to own a PSA 8). It's Emmitt's best rookie card and I've wanted it back ever since I decided to start collecting again.

1994 Finest Ken Griffey Jr.

A card I've always wanted ever since I was a kid, but never bought it until now. Such a cool looking card! Well worth the 4 bucks I paid for it!

2016 Topps Undisputed A.J. Styles Autograph (#40/99)

Here's my "once in every few months" wrestling purchase. I've been wanting an A.J. Styles autograph for a while now and jumped at the chance to add this nice on card auto of him from the highest end wrestling product there is. A great autograph of "The Face That Runs The Place".

1979-80 Topps Julius Erving PSA 8

I love picking up Graded Hall of Fame Vintage Base  Cards. They don't cost much and are just cool additions to the collection. Here's a nice late 70's base card of Dr. J.

97-98 Fleer Ultra Ultrabilities Superstar Kevin Garnett

NOTHING BEATS 90'S INSERTS!! I mean look at this beauty. Shiny foil, die cut design, just a visual masterpiece. I absolutely love this KG.

97-98 Metal Universe Titanium Kevin Garnett PSA 10

But not as much as I love THIS KG! I've been wanting to add a Titanium insert card for a LONG time. It's one of my favorite 90's inserts made. Such an awesome looking card. I was locked on this card from the moment I saw it for auction. There was no doubt in my mind I was going to win it!

95-96 Flair Michael Jordan PSA 9

This card is too cool looking to be just a basic base card. I think Flair cards are underrated and this card is just so slick. Can never go wrong with MJ, even it's just a base card.

92-93 Topps Gold Michael Jordan PSA 9

I think my obsession with gold cards started at a young age, because I used to love Topps Gold and Topps BlackGold cards. It's not like they are rare or anything, but still, I just love the simplicity of the card. Classic Topps 90's design and the greatest of all time. Great combo!

95-96 Collector's Choice You Crash The Game Gold Michael Jordan PSA 9

Again...that dang gold foil finish is enough for me to have to have this card! I used to love the You Crash the Game series in Collector's Choice. In fact, I won a couple times in football (I remember winning with both Errict Rhett and Dan Marino). I definitely think these are underrated as well, as this is the tougher Gold Set version.

16-17 Gold Standard Karl Anthony Towns AU Autograph (#08/79)'s GOLD Standard lol. Gold Standard is one of my favorite Panini Basketball sets, but instead of gambling on a box for $75 why not just a card from the set that I actually want for $20 less? A nice bold on card signature of KAT!

1998-98 Fleer Brilliants Illuminators Dirk Nowitzki PSA 9

Another thing I love picking up is graded Vince Carter and Dirk Rookies. They don't cost much and are really cool to own. This is a nice rookie insert of Dirk from Fleer Brilliants.

98-99 Skybox Molten Metal Dirk Nowitzki RC PSA 9

Another graded Dirk rookie! Molten Metal are really cool looking cards and for under $10 you can't go wrong with this Dirk!

02-03 Topps Pristine Gold Refractor Tracy McGrady (#41/50)

Seems like Gold is a running theme here! Pristine is a kind of forgotten Topps brand, but the Gold Refractors are NICE in person and this was a must have for me!

16-17 Donruss Optic Anthony Davis/Russell Westbrook Pickups

Got all three of these for less than 4 bucks. Just cheap additions to the PC.

99-00 E-X Genuine Coverage Grant Hill Game Worn Jersey

Back when game used cards MEANT something! This was a $7 pickup and well worth it. I remember paying $75 for a similar Grant Hill (99-00 Fleer Focus Feel The Game) when they first came out. Now..nobody cares about plain 1 color swatches (especially white colored swatches). Back in 1999 though? These were still high in demand. If I ever come across older school game used cards, I do my best to make a run at them. I still love em!

2017 Topps Tribute Autographs Red Parallel Aaron Judge (#172/199)

Yeah..I had to do it. I wanted to add a Aaron Judge Autograph to my collection but didn't wanna pay an arm and a leg for it. Though this wasn't cheap, it's still cheaper than the other alternatives. I think it's an underrated on card rookie auto and I love it!

16-17 Gold Standard Golden Pairs Vince Carter/Kevin Garnett (#1/15)

Ok...couldn't go a few cards without another GOLD card lol. This card is absolutely stunning and though I own full game worn jerseys of both guys, I just had to have this card. The even better thing is I only paid $5 for it because I had EBay bucks to use up!

98-99 Topps East/West Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant BGS 9.5

And finally last but not least...this cool dual sided insert of MJ/Kobe. If you recall, I bought a box of 98-99 Topps Series 2 looking for one of these cards. Although I did pull a couple, it wasn't the MJ/Kobe so I decided to just buy one graded. One day, I hope to add the refractor version of this card as well, but for now, this will do!

And that's it!! Phew, finally done!

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