Friday, July 7, 2017

It's definitely going to be a fun weekend!

Well..I got myself some ripping to do this weekend! The highly anticipated Bowman Platinum hit Wal Mart shelves this week and they have been selling like HOT CAKES. People are having difficult finding these as they contain Cody Bellinger's first official Rookie Card. I lucked out and while I was at work, asked my Dad (my parents are the greatest by the way) to swing by our local Wal Mart just to check if by chance they had them in stock, in reality thinking yeah right they probably don't. My Dad was there AT THE PERFECT TIME...they stocking the new cards as he got there. I had him pick up all the Bowman Platinum they had 2 Collector Boxes, 4 Blasters, and 8 Hanger Packs. If that wasn't enough, my orders for Elite and Topps Tier came in earlier this week. I just hadn't had a chance to open them yet, along with 3 Bowman Blasters I picked up at Wal Mart last weekend. If anything, it should be a fun journey for sure! Hopefully I pull some nice cards to make it even better! I'm going to start with the Bowman Blasters tonight and open the rest throughout the Weekend. Can't wait to get started!!


  1. Congratulations! I could hear Kool and the Gang's Celebration in the background as I read this post.

    There's a party going on right here...

    1. Pulled a doozy in a $20 box of Platinum! Stay tuned!!