Saturday, August 6, 2011

My 2010 Trip To The Pro Football Hall Of Fame Part III: Pics with the Hall of Famers

One of the best part of the HOF experience was meeting the legends that you grew up watching or saw highlights of. Was it expensive?? Yes I met most through the autograph signing that Mounted Memories set up and their prices are pretty expensive, but I told myself how many chances am I every going to get to meet these players and the experience and memories are priceless. It's not opportunity I get every day, so I'd much rather get my autographs in person and get a pic with the athlete than pull it out of a pack anyday. Here's the pics of me with the Hall of Famers

Me with Viking Hall of Famer Carl Eller

Me and arguably the greatest Cowboy QB of all time Roger Staubach

I got Emmitt to sign my football, and I got to shake his hand, but my dad didn't have the camera ready to take the shot and the line was long and there was no time to take a pic with him, this is not my jersey.

Bob Griese was kind of a jerk, he was grouchy and spent most of the time on his cell phone. I didn't even bother asking him to take a pic with me.

As a Cowboy fan you're predisposed to hate the 49ers, but meeting Steve Young was very cool

Jerry Rice was super cool and even made some small talk with me, asking how my trip was, another 49er that I just can't hate even though he killed us mannnnnny times!

One of the biggest surprises to me was what a jerk John Randle was. I thought out of all the hall of famers there he would be the most easy going. That's how we usually came across. Maybe he was burnt out or something but he was very rude to me. I was the only one in his line at the time and before I finished asking if he wouldn't mind taking a picture with me he told me in a loud voice "Nope" without even looking at me. Very disappointing. I had been a big Randle fan because he played his college ball here local at Texas A&I (now A&M) Kingsville which isn' too far from Corpus Christi. That experience though pretty much turned me off from him.

On the flipside, "Mr Cowboy" was nothing but pleasant. Definitely was starstuck that I was meeting all these Cowboy Legends!!

One of the greatest QB's of all time, Dan Marino

Me and Mean Joe Greene

Eric Dickerson surrrrrrrree did look like he still play, he's in awesome shape!

Me with another Cowboy legend, "The Big Cat" Rayfield Wright

I made a blog on my awesome autograph post about this meeting with Gale Sayers. If you donated $20 bucks to his foundation you got an autograph picture and also a photo opp. Very cool and for a good cause.

This one of the biggest moments of my life, and one I will never forget. Seeing Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice give their Hall of Fame speech and the ovation each of them got (Emmitt's was by far the loudest, not to brag lol) is something that I will carry with me the rest of my life. You could feel the electricity and goosebumps, it was so amazing. I feel very fortunate and lucky I was able to witness some true NFL History.

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