Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection Honorable Mention: 2009 Ultimate Collection Legendary Six Patches Emmitt Smith/Gale Sayers/Franco Harris/Barry Sanders/Earl Campbell/Roger Craig

Here's a card that has all the makings for not only a spot on the countdown, but a high spot, quite possibly a top 20 spot if only for one thing. I've showcased a previous Legendary Six card before and I absolutely love this memorabilia set. It's two sided greatness and the combinations are outstanding. As is this one, 6 Hall of Fame running backs including my favorite Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders, this is LOADED with star power. Add that it's limited to 15 copies (this one being 8/15) and you would think it would be a no brainer to make it on my countdown. Alas, it's doesn't, don't get me wrong, being an honorable mention means I thought very carefully about this card, but there was one thing that was missing from this card. The lack of Multi-color patches. Only the Franco Harris patch is more than one color, the rest solid one color patches including two white patches (the Sayers and Craig) and a grey (Sanders). If the patches would've been killer, this card would no doubt be a top 20 card, unfortunately the generic patches limit this to honorable mention status. Still not a bad consolation prize for a still terrific looking card.

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