Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #27 2006 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Ensemble Signatures Albert Pujols/David Ortiz/Derrek Lee

More multi-sig greatness as this triple autograph card that makes #27 on the countdown features arguably the best player of the 2000s and we're not talking about Derrek Lee (no offense Derrek Lee fans). From the minute he made his debut in 2001, Albert Pujols has been a monster and a force in the Major Leagues. Pujols is very popular in the hobby as evidence by how much his auto's fetch. Throw in another fan favorite in David Ortiz, and you got one nice card from UD Ultimate Collection. All three autos are stickers, which of course is the norm nowadays, and this card is numbered to 50 copies. The third player on this card, Derrek Lee might not be a hobby force, but he's a respectable player as well. Of course, you could've put me and my friend on a triple auto with Pujols and it still would be a desirable card!

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