Friday, August 12, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #28 08-09 Ultimate Collection Legend Foursomes Patch Julius Erving/Wilt Chamberlain/Maurice Cheeks/Moses Malone

Well I guess it's the Ultimate Collection Legends Patch week because here's the 3rd one I have showcased and the 2nd straight to make the countdown. Such a beautiful card and the reason I put this one over the first quad (both have Chamberlain btw) is because each patch here is unique. Also I love the fact that it looks like the Chamberlain swatch is from his 76ers playing days. The Erving and Cheeks patches are great and the Malone is a weird and unique swatch as well. Numbered to 10 (mine is 2/10) it's just another example of a great card from one of my favorite memorabilia sets ever made.

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