Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: Cards you might regret selling

 When it comes to the hobby, I'm not much of a seller. For the most part everything I buy, I intend to keep forever, and this is especially the case for Michael Jordan cards. I had never sold a MJ card out of my collection in the 20+ years I've been collecting....until this past week I finally did the unthinkable. It's hard not to notice 90's inserts of Michael Jordan have been on fire for a while now,  commanding high prices. I noticed one card that was selling above book value was kind of a forgotten card in my collection. This 96-97 Z Force Slam Cam was just one of many inserts I owned of MJ, but when I saw the prices for them, I decided to bite the bullet and strike while the iron was hot. If I recall, I only paid 20 bucks for this card a few years ago. It was a big decision that I went back and forth with but decided that the money this would bring in would help fund a major purchase I made a couple weeks ago and honestly although it's a cool looking MJ, I felt I could sell it without any regrets as it's not one of my major MJ cards in my collection(easier said than done for me, I'd been nervous putting a 90-91 fleer card of MJ for sale). I listed it on EBay was able to rake in a little over $177, which I was more than happy with, but it is a little sad to lose a card of this caliber, especially when it's Michael Jordan. Maybe things will cool down (I know, not holding my breath, lol) and down the road I will be able to reacquire this card, who knows. 
What cards have you sold, that you really didn't want to or ended up regretting selling?


  1. My older brother is a HUGE card collector.. I think he does it mostly for profit now though. Ill find out where he posts them and let you know.

  2. Nuthin, i don't really sell.

    Do you know why some of the late 90's basketball inserts are selling so well? I am trying to get the Rock Stars set and any Big Man On Court(you introduced me to these earlier in the countdown), but they go for tons of dough! Many other sets are similarly high priced.

  3. Yeah, it's pretty crazy, there are many reasons I think with the insert craze. Insane player collectors and people unsatisfied with today's current product are two that stand out to me. I'm not really too much of a fan of Panini and since they are all that is out there for NBA stuff, I think collectors are turning back to old school stuff which in my opinion is much more innovative than anything out there today. Today you just slap a sticker auto and a jersey swatch and call it a day design be damned. In the 90's rare insert cards had the look and feel of something special, and I think collectors are starting the appreciate that more.