Monday, August 1, 2011

Randy Moss Retires

I'll start my Canton posts tomorrow since the news broke today that Randy Moss has retired. The numbers speak for themselves, he's a sure fire hall of famer no doubt. Personally, I'll never forgive Jerry Jones for not pulling the trigger in 98 and drafting him instead going for Greg Ellis. It was the biggest lock I thought for sure, Moss would be the eventual replacement to Michael Irvin, it made too much sense, but in typical Cowboy fashion too much sense didn't mean anything and we drafted a guy who had a decent career but really had no impact our organization. Moss would then spend the rest of his career earning the moniker "Cowboy Killer" because that is exactly what he did, anytime we played against him Moss pretty much would have a MONSTER game. Even to this day I STILL wanted Randy Moss on our team, not so much cause I thought he'd be the Moss of old, I just really wanted to see him at least once don the Cowboy colors. When he was left to rot in Oakland and it looked like he was done, the Patriots came a callin and resurrected Moss' career. Unfortunately last year it looked like the old Moss was back and he had the worst year of his career, bouncing from team to team until landing with the Titans and becoming invisible for them the rest of 2010. Despite all this, there is no doubt that Randy Moss was one of the most lethal receivers to play the game. He was a game changer no doubt. I just wish he would've done it with Dallas instead of against us!

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