Friday, September 16, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #15 03-04 UD Legends Legendary Signatures George Mikan

We're down to the final 15 and to start us off is this beauty. I honestly believe George Mikan is one of the most underrated sports pioneers of all time. Mikan was the NBA's first true superstar, yet when comparing him with not only legends of other sports, but even just legends in the NBA, I don't believe Mikan gets his due. It wasn't till he passed away that Mikan autographs picked up some steam. In fact I picked this up for $50 bucks, which even at the time I thought was a steal, since there really aren't many Mikan certified on card autographs out there. This comes from one of my favorite autograph sets of all time. It's such a simple yet effect design and the crisp on card signature of Mikan makes this that much better. Sure, Mikan autographs have become a little more available thanks to Panini and their god awful cuts, but that's why I appreciate this card so much more, cause owning an on-card autograph of a great basketball pioneer is just that much sweeter.

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  1. I think he doesn't get his due because of the extremely weird form of basketball he played. Of course, he instigated lots of the rule changes that critics use against him...