Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #16 1991 Pro Line Portaits Autographs Walter Payton

At first look at this card, you think "why the hell would a cheap Pro Line Portraits card of Walter Payton be on the countdown much less 16"? And then you flip to the back and see the reason why. Yep this is the certified autographed version that was inserted in to packs of 1991 Pro Line Portraits. This was one of the earliest sets to featured pack in autograph cards and the 91 and 92 sets pack some pretty heavy hitters. You'll see some guys that don't have many autographs (and some infamous guys like O.J. Simpson) also non footballers like Payne Stewart and even Muhammad Ali. Not bad for a basic set that's basically considered junk to most. I don't know the reason why it's signed on the back of the card, and I'm not familiar enough with the set to know if all signers did this, but nonetheless it's a nice certified autograph of one of the greatest running backs every to play the game. Oh, and by the way for those wondering how you can tell if this card is authentic, look at the bottom right of the 2nd scan and you should be able to see the Pro Line Certified Seal. Only the autograph cards carry this seal.

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