Friday, September 2, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #20 2006 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Ensemble Signatures Ken Griffey Jr/Derek Jeter/Jason Bay

Don't adjust your screen, yes Jason Bay just made the top 20 of my favorite cards of all time. Of course he had a little help with the other guys who join him on this awesome triple auto from yes again Ultimate Collection. This is the 2nd Ensemble Signature to make the top 30 (The Pujols/Ortiz/Lee is #27 if you recall) and again it's easy to see why. Griffey as I have stated numerous times is my favorite baseball player of all time and you combine that with one of the greatest Yankees of all time, Derek Jeter, and those two on a dual auto alone would've been a slam dunk here. Like Derrick Lee, Jason Bay happens to be in the right place at the right time, and though he's not a bad ballplayer, no way he's near the stature of Griffey and Jeter. Yet he's included anyway on this triple auto numbered to 50. All Sticker autos which is fine but one minor complaint is that UD used a different sticker for the Griffey auto, so it stands out from the other two. Probably leftover from another product. Still though, for me personally, that's just nitpicking, cause I still LOOOOOVE this card!! Card has a grade 9 for the condition and 9 for the autograph as well so that doesn't hurt. This is a great way for Griffey to exit the countdown, a swan song as you will, cause he has no other cards on the list. What a way to go out in style though! The road to #1 has officially begun, and what a way to kick off the top 20!

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