Sunday, July 3, 2011

Are Famous Fabrics/SportKings Your Cup of Tea?

I've talked about Famous Fabrics in a couple of posts before and how controversial the set seems to be. Due to lack of any kind of licensing, the cards are produced with no pictures of any kind, and designs are admittedly rather bland looking. The memorabilia pieces though, are awesome, and like I said, I can actually live without the pictures, because I focus on the memorabilia that is put on the cards. To each their own however. Here's a look at not only all the Famous Fabrics card I own, but Sportkings which is a Dr. Brian Price product as well.

Sportkings is little more tolerable in collector's eyes than Famous Fabrics because even though they are unlicensed by all the major sports leagues, they still feature the athlete pictured just in airbrushed uniforms when needed. Here are the SportKings cards I have.

Here is the Famous Fabrics portion of my collection

What do you think about Famous Fabrics and Sportkings products? Like it, hate it, indifferent??


  1. I don't mind the SportKings, they are kind of nice. I really like the McGwire, Pele Rodman///and Rose. I dont lovethem, but I wouldn't say no to the Famous Fabrics though. Some of those are just ridiculous!

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